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Today’s energy-efficient home depends on a reliable system to deliver indoor air quality. As homeowners attempt to climatize their home for personal preferences, they unintentionally prevent the natural transfer of air. Older homes with their less energy-efficient construction inadvertently provided a form of natural ventilation. But, this led to the loss of heating and cooling as well as encroachment by outdoor air that becomes detrimental to indoor climate control.

Your heating and cooling system (HVAC) plays an important role in delivering clean, comfortable air and a pleasant climate throughout your home. Whether your system is a heat pump, packaged system, split system, gas furnace, or baseboard electric heat, there is a means to control and improve the air within your home, ventilate your living space, and add technology that manages and controls everything in a practical, automated way.

Indoor air quality can be improved and managed in a cost-effective and modular way. Our goal is to provide you with a range of homeowner tools to better control indoor air temperature, balance proper humidity conditions, and offer a means to deliver cleaner, fresher indoor air throughout your home.

Whole-home electronic air cleaners from Aprilaire

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An Aprilaire whole-home air cleaner removes particulates and irritants throughout your home.

With an installed air cleaning unit working in tandem with your HVAC system, you can make every corner of every room feel more comfortable and healthier.

You’ll also keep your air conditioner’s cooling coil clean and your furnace working efficiently, saving energy, minimizing repair costs and extending service life.

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Air Comfort For Homes

Product Upgrade Alert

Upgrades for Aprilaire air cleaners: Model 2200 or Model 2400

Aprilaire air cleaners: Model 2200 or Model 2400

We can easily retrofit your existing Aprilaire or SpaceGard air cleaner to accommodate the new and improved filtering media from Aprilaire.