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Vendors are key to our success

We enjoy the comfort of being able to sell, and provide for the installation and support of, a broad range of brands and manufacturers. When it comes to whole-home indoor air quality and comfort, we are pleased to focus our attention on an elite group we consider industry experts and leaders in their field.

Some of the companies we represent as a dealer or contractor professional include:

Ž Aprilaire,

Ž Honeywell,

Ž Fresh-Aire UV—Triatomic Environmental,

Ž Dynamic Air Quality Solutions,

Ž and many others who serve the market of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Home Comfort.


We invest a good deal of time in the manufacturer’s training and certification process in order to better serve our customer’s long term needs. In a like way, our manufacturers strive to develop and release the highest quality products for your home. Working together, we believe you will obtain the best overall solution for your indoor comfort and homeowner satisfaction now, and in the years to come.

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Air Comfort For Homes

Honeywell—Residential Home Comfort and Energy Systems

From a company you have come to depend on in many areas of your life, Honeywell’s Residential Home Comfort and Energy Systems puts forth a modular approach in improving indoor air quality and automation for your home.

Air Comfort For Homes offers Honeywell’s full line of residential comfort and energy solutions including their latest addition, RedLINK™ wireless technology; take control from outside the home or when you are away – information at your fingertips no matter where you are. Control the comfort of your home at the touch of a button from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.