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While living in California, I challenged my building and remodeling skills renovating an older home (built in 1911). The climate in the San Francisco Bay Area is moderate nearly year-round with little need for air-conditioning. When the fireplace insert didnít warm us enough, the gas furnace took over the task.

Our familyís move to North Carolina introduced a more challenging climate for indoor air comfort. I soon learned about heat pumps, zoned heating and air-conditioning, as well as a level of humidity I have come to accept as part of the joy of living in the Carolinas. Working around these systems, I quickly came to appreciate the quality and performance of Aprilaire products to improve indoor air comfort in my three-zone home.

While observing the recent trend by homeowners to add individual, portable room air treatment units in the form of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air cleaning systems, I was surprised more people did not consider putting that investment toward a whole-home solution. I was challenged by the thought: Why treat just a room when your lifestyle utilizes more of the home?

That was the light bulb moment -- we believe there is a market to be served by offering better air comfort inside your home. Many existing homes can employ a modular approach to upgrading older, existing HVAC systems to serve the entire home with whole-home comfort. We can help you enjoy a better living experience through todayís indoor air comfort technology.

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Let us show you how you can install a whole-home air cleaner to remove particulates and irritants so you can experience more comfort and improved health conditions throughout your home.

As an Indoor Air Comfort Specialist, we have undergone specialized training to better acquaint you with the Aprilaire comfort products that will serve your needs best.

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