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- Indoor air comfort specialists in Raleigh weigh-in on your home’s air quality and indoor pollutants—June 5, 2012                                           Read More

Better technology for your living space SM

- Is that your home screaming, "I can't breathe!"? Today’s tighter, energy-efficient home can trap pollutants indoors—October 25, 2012      Read More

Air Comfort For Homes

August/September 2012—Postcards mailed to your home — Allergy Relief

Call us today for your free In-Home Indoor Air Comfort Assessment: Air Exchange and Ventilation, Allergen Contributors, Moisture Sources, and More.

Instead of just one room — think whole-home solutions!


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August 2012—Running in local publications—Whole-Home Electronic Air Cleaners and Event-Based™ Air Cleaning at the push of a button.

June/July 2012—Running in local publications—Whole-Home Dehumidification

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